What Is Ladies Circle?

Ladies Circle is a club that exists to offer the best opportunity possible for young women to connect, have a great time and give something back. Though the club was established in a different time, the original aims and principles remain as relevant today as ever. Considering the modern, fresh attitude of Circlers, it often comes as a surprise to new members that Ladies Circle has been around for 80 years. The first group, Bournemouth No. 1 Circle, first met in 1932 as a social group for the wives of Round Tablers. Now entirely modernised, the club is still going strong and stands as a testament to how Ladies Circle has moved with the times.
A National Movement
Eight more circles followed in 1936 in Manchester, Hastings, Liverpool, Doncaster, Middlesborough, Wolverhampton and Southampton, and soon after the national association was formed, under the guidance of first president, Win Hussey. Then World War II hit, and Ladies Circle struggled to keep going. But it did survive, thanks to Edina Headon who kept the movement going and, leading from 1939 to 1948, is to this day Ladies Circle’s longest serving National President.
Going International
In 1947 Ladies Circle went international, with Great Britain & Ireland helping to set up Circles in Denmark and Sweden. This led to the founding of the Ladies Circle International organisation in 1958 to bring together Circlers from across the globe. Later that year, to celebrate 21 years of Ladies Circle, the national executive decided to adopt Imperial Cancer Research as the Ladies Circle national charity. The first donation was £6,607, and we continued to support the charity as our national cause up until 2013 - which itself has modernised and is now known as Cancer Research UK – raising hundreds of thousands of pounds. Clubs now focus on raising funds for their own local causes.
Opening Up to a New Century
In the 1990s Ladies Circle opened up its membership to all women. We remain proud of our roots, and are still part of the Round Table family, but we have transformed into a unique, truly open organisation that welcomes ALL women aged between 18 and 45. We hope you’ll help us build on our history, and we put everything we’ve learned over the years into making sure Ladies Circle remains an open, supportive and exciting environment for women everywhere – women like you!
If you would like to know about the history of Ladies Circle please click here. Below members tell you what Ladies Circle means to them.

What Circle Means To Me

Ladies Circle means to me unconditional friendship, unwavering support & unforgettable experience
Michelle Chapman
Being a Circler means having the opportunity to travel to different countries and meet Circlers from all over the world
Ginette May
Ladies Circle means so much that its really difficult to sum it up into a few words. I have met so many people, learnt so many things, took part in so much activities, and laughed and cried and smiled. Ladies Circle is a big, bright, colourful jigsaw. One their one the pieces, are just nice little pieces, but put them together and you achieve a wonderful picture of life!
Victoria Scarrott
Ladies Circle means friends for life ❤️❤️ Ladies who support one another and close ladies community from all over the world. And I love being part of this Circle of Friendship. ❤️❤️
Rachael Gill
Chelmsford Tindal
Friendship and good times even in lockdown the fun never stopped.
Lindsay Pickard
National President 2019/20
Julia Fillingham
The Ladies Circle family is something that I grew up in. I have lots of happy childhood memories of attending local and regional events with my parents who were in Ladies Circle & Round Table.

Now I’m a member myself and I love being part of an network of women who support each other and contribute positively to their local, national and international communities. I’ve made some great friends and had lots of fun trying new activities (even slightly improving my terrible craft skills!), but also helped to raise funds for some great local and national charities.

Everyone is so nice and friendly, it feels like I’ve known them forever! It’s really helped me find my own identity again and have some ‘me-time’ after having children and losing myself in the chaos of parenthood.

During the current situation our regular virtual meetings have kept my spirits up - we have shared the highs and lows of Lockdown as well as some useful resources for things like homeschooling, and I always end our catch ups feeling more positive and recharged.
Anna Saunders
Circle was a chance for me to be myself.
To stand up and be counted,
not forgotten on the shelf.

Circle meant new people, new friends, new group, new me,
To be all those exciting things, I want the world to see.

Circle is a ladies, my gang, my girls, my crew.
Circle is a binding, a thread for me and you.

Circle is for jumping with both feet, giving it my all.
Circle is a pretty dress a dance a hoot at a ball.

Circle is mucking in and helping those in need.
Circle is my calling, my task, my job, my creed.

Circle is kicking off your heels to dance into the night.
Circle is for others and doing what is right.

Circle is my family, my love, my fun, my hobby.
Circle doesn't judge me for being loud or too gobby.

Circle aims to push me to do things I would have never tried.
Circle pushes my emotions on a wonderful rollacoaster ride.

Circle has the shy ones, the thinkers and wall flowers. It also has the loud ones, the ones who talk for hours.

Circle is to try those things you thought you could never try.
Circle is a friend to share a laugh, a joke or cry.

Circle is to push myself to be the best version of me.
Circle is my chance for me to set my cheeky self free.

Circle is for memories, that stay with me forever.
Mostly Circle is a bunch of beauties who just want to hang together.
Sarah Sissons