A club for women
A club for women

Have Fun, Be Yourself, Belong!?


Group of five female friend

Ladies Circle is a modern, vibrant club for women just like you!

With hundreds of members aged 18 to 45 across Great Britain and Ireland, we want to offer the best opportunity for young women to connect with each other, have a great time, and give something back.

Circlers first join us because they want to make new friends, have fun, do things they’ve never done before, and put something back into the community at the same time.

They stay because what they find is a ready-made group of friends, from all walks of life, who allow them to just be themselves.

Whether you’re new to your area, or are just looking to broaden your social life, your local Ladies Circle group is a perfect way of getting more out of life.

Our first club was formed 80 years ago, and women around the country are setting up more new clubs every year. Our proud achievements don’t stop us looking forwards, and with over 130 clubs across the country, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits you.

Join us now and what you’ll find is an open, inclusive and exciting club that can’t wait to welcome you on board. Check where your nearest Ladies Circle is through our Circle Finder.

"I have met some of my closest friends by joining Ladies Circle and done some amazing things that I wouldn't have done without them"