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Bramhall Circle get serious

This blog is called Bramhall Circle get serious, but don’t be fooled - there was very little seriousness involved as you will see as you read on.

We held our very own AGM on Wednesday 25th April and from the comments we have received, it seemed to be successful - well we had fun anyway!

We started the evening with a delicious meal where we caught up as one of our members had recently been galavanting across to the other side of the country, and of course, we are girls and wanted to know the details! Before we started our official AGM we had a mini business meeting where we voted on the proposals for the National AGM in May in Torquay. For dessert, we were joined by 3 ladies from Cheadle and Gatley Ladies Circle, 2 of their ‘permanently invited guests’ also known as PIGS and a Bramhall prospective member who ended the night as a member of Bramhall Ladies Circle!

After dessert, it was time to get serious. Please don’t be mistaken, from the laughter, heckling and glug jugging there was very little seriousness and much more fun at this AGM! Reports were read, awards were awarded and fines were distributed (more on that later!). Nicola gave her chairman report and summed up the events of the past year, Natalie gave her treasurer report and Tessa gave her programme and media reports - yes, one job isn’t enough for our Tessa!

Awards given were the circler of the year award - Tessa for completely throwing herself into circle in her first year with us. The contact trophy - Natalie for being there right from the beginning when we got Bramhall going again and still being here almost about to pop (she is pregnant!) and the wooden spoon award (an award for doing something silly) - Tessa for being so rude to her chairman by inferring that she should award it to herself for being ditzy.

After the awards there was a very exciting moment for Bramhall Circle as Chairman Nicola then inducted a new member Vikki. Vikki is a second generation circler and we are so thrilled that she decided to join us and this year she will be taking on programme officer and will be in charge of all our Thursday night events. Natalie this year is continuing with treasurer and Tessa is taking on secretary, membership, media and vice chairman.

Fines were taken throughout the evening and read out at the end of the meeting. Fines for the night included: Alison’s glugging of the glug jug during a speech, Nicola for thinking 20p divided into £1.50 (she is an accountant student!), Suzanne for putting rude words to rhyme with clunk, Tessa for asking if Alison was ill because she didn’t want a glass of wine, Natalie for her appalling cutting of the cheesecake - more ended up on the spoon than in our bowls! and Vikki for thinking the community service officer was all about picking up rubbish off the side of the road rather than the actual job of organising events for charities!

We had a brilliant evening and we hope that all of our guests and Cheadle and Gatley did too and we would like to thank everybody who make it such a memorable evening.

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"