A club for women
A club for women


Poled Over!


Jane had told us she had organised a great night for us and it sounded promising – champagne, chocolate, strawberries – and then she mentioned pole dancing!  O......K.......oh well, the lure of chocolate was enough for me!

So there we were, early evening, Tuesday, in Nottingham looking for the club.  That was the first surprise – it was a pole dancing night club!  Thankfully it wasn’t open to the public and to my relief we weren’t the main attraction!

We had a male instructor – I never realised that there were actually male pole dancers!  And this was no “get fit by pole dancing” lesson.  Oh no, this was “how to be sexy with a pole” lesson!  How do you look seductive walking round a pole?  I think I failed that lesson!Jacqui needs some help tact seductively with a pole!

We did learn to spin around the pole; sensually slide down the pole; and for those more adventurous amongst us – Angela – we also learnt how to go upside down on a pole.  Angela gets adventurous in the name of Ladies CircleObviously a little assistance was required to actually get Angela upside down and securely wrapped around the pole but after that she was on her own to get back down in a seductive way.  I’m not sure landing in a heap on the floor was quite what the instructor had in mind!

After an hour and a half we were done and ready for a medicinal drink and time to reflect on the fun we had just had.

Personally I was left thinking how out of shape I was – parts of me ached that I’m not sure should have ached and the following day I was sore!  Reports from the girls spoke of bruises and aching muscles.


Oh the things you get to do in Ladies Circle!  It’s just great!!

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