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A club for women


Long Eaton Girls Dare to Bare All - AGAIN!

Two years ago the girls from Long Eaton Ladies Circle raised £5000 for Help for Heroes through sales of their “Calendar Girls“ style Calendar.  

That was then – this is now, and thoughts once more turned to how to raise money for our favoured charities.  A seed of an idea grew into a full blown tree – we would revisit our Calendar Girls days but this time in the form of Christmas cards!  And the theme? What else but “The 12 Days of Christmas”!8 Maids a Milking
National President Vicky Perry agreed to take part, whether she knew what she was letting herself in for was debateable! The planning was meticulous – well, as meticulous as it could be after a few glasses of wine!  No Angela, we cannot do pole dancing for 9 Ladies Dancing!  How would we get the poles into the photo studio for a start!
Fears of less than perfect bodies being bared were overcome with the promise of airbrushing, props were arranged to help keep our dignity intact and finally we were ready for the big night. Actually I’m not convinced I was ready but with a bottle of pink fizz at hand and Vicky in tow there was no backing out!
Photographic studios are not big, in fact when there are around 12 women, 2 make up ladies, 1 hairdresser, a selection of beverages necessary for Dutch courage and several changes of “costume” scattered everywhere, photographic studios are very small indeed!  I wonder if it’s like that for Kate Moss?? 
Philippa, from Double Image Photography, was a star.  She donated her services for free and happily allowed us to take over for the whole evening.  That woman has the patience of a saint.
And so we began – rather tentatively at first, some insisting on a “closed set” for their photos, all of us somewhat apprehensive about the finished look.3 French Hens
By the end it was rather like a shoot for America’s Next Top Model.  We all visited hair and makeup; artistic direction came in the form of Angela and Dawn; and that just left the rest of us to be divas and have tantrums!  We even had live animals on set!! 
I have discovered that it isn’t easy to look relaxed whilst holding a live chicken in such a position that it protects your modesty; how many times was I told to “drop your shoulders and relax” and “big smiles please”?  5 Gold Rings
I can’t wait to see the final 12 shots that will grace the Christmas cards.  To see all our efforts in print and raising money for local and national charities, including Vicky’s charity, Parkinson’s and Dawn Connor’s area charity C.R.Y. will make it all worthwhile – as long as the promise of airbrushing wasn’t merely a ploy to get us to take part! 
The cards will be on sale from the end of October – 12 quality, tasteful A5 size cards depicting the 12 Days of Christmas, but with a twist.  So, what are you waiting for?  These are a limited edition – a onetime only chance to see more of the Long Eaton girls, and Vicky, than anyone normally sees!  I’m sure the men will appreciate receiving such a card!  To place an order simply contact any of the Long Eaton girls or email us via jacqui@thehaspels.co.uk.  You can even visit our Facebook page “Ladies Circle Charity Christmas Cards”.  And don’t forget to visit www.ladiescirclesales.co.uk where you will also be able to purchase your packs!

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