A club for women
A club for women


What we did last night!

It was against Emma’s better judgement that we joined Derby Merlin Tangent for an evening of making things out of glass.  Emma doesn’t “do” crafts; Emma doesn’t “do” being creative; an evening surrounded by a myriad of pieces of coloured glass and only your imagination to create a stunning work of art was not Emma’s first choice of a good night out!

Merlin glass cutting
So we sat there with a cutting mat and a diamond cutter in front of us and awaited instructions; some of us already creating in our heads a masterpiece, others looking slightly blank.  The glass lady made it look easy – just run the cutter down the glass, turn it over, press and, hey presto, you have cut a piece of glass.  
Then there was the safety talk.  Don’t run your fingers along the edge of the glass because it’s sharp – but she had plasters so it would be OK!  Wear safety goggles just in case shards of glass “jump” up when you are cutting.  And I thought this was a nice gentle activity!
Finally we were let loose on the glass.  We could make coasters or pendants.  Emma played safe and went for a pendant but still agonised over her creation and despaired as she looked round at all the frantic activity in the room as colours and designs were discussed.
Did you know cutting glass is not as easy as it looks?!  It takes a bit of muscle to even mark the stuff, let alone cut it.  After a few trial attempts, success, a fairly straight line and we’re off!  The creative juices were flowing and Emma looked on in envy as random piles of glass suddenly became a coherent design.
There was much laughter around the room – the sign of a good night out and everyone was chatting away, comparing results and vying for the best bit of sparkly, glittery glass.  Emma took the ribbing in good spirit as always and actually admitted that she enjoyed the whole experience.  In fact she created a lovely, understated (not plain, Emma!) pendant.
It was an evening that summed up what Ladies Circle is about – friends getting together; trying something new that you might not have considered before; fun and laughter – and you can’t beat that now, can you?

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"