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My Amazing Parachute Jump For Charity


 My Amazing Parachute Jump for Charity!

Sunday 4th September 2011

Woke up to pouring rain, thinking oh no it’s not going to happen...We drove to a airfield  just outside Oxford, we arrived about 9.30, and not long after my name was called out for training. I was soooo excited, we went through all the does and don’ts, the instructors made it fun... I couldn’t wait to jump.

 We waited for the rain to stop and at about 11.30 my name was called out and I thought YES I’m going to do it. I meet my tandem jumper as he was neatly rolling up the parachute that was going to stop me hitting the ground. We had a few jokes about this being my first time and then him saying ‘mine too’ and smiling.

 I got dressed in my jumpsuit and harness; I looked like an all- in wrestler with my I love ladies circle hoody on top.

I said good bye to friends and family, they were all nervous, I was like a bottle of pop ready to explode, I new this was going to be so amazing.

We boarded this really small plane and took off. We got to about 10,000ft and my instructor said ‘come on then let’s get ready, sit on my lap!!!’ I thought oh my god this is it!!!

He attached his harness to mine, tightened all the straps there wasn’t a inch of air between us, (I thought god this is very cosy) I was so excited not at all nervous, I couldn’t wait.

At 15,000ft he said come on then let’s go.... we shuffled to the big open hole in the side of plane, the clouds were so far below us, It was so windy and the air was freezing cold, the next thing whoosh that was it I was falling through the sky so fast, the air was so cold in my face it took my breath away. Free falling for about 45 seconds then a big tug upwards and the parachute was open and we were just floating through the sky my instructor said ‘you ok’? I could hardly speak I just said’ oh my god that was fantastic ‘.... the clouds still below us, it was just amazing twirling, spinning, floating through the air.

Then suddenly just white we were falling through the clouds and a few seconds later we could see the ground below us everything really small.

A few minutes later I could see all my friends and family waving at me. We got ready for the landing, legs up not the most flattering position to be in, and suddenly we slowed right down and dropped to the floor with a little bump, my instructor half landing on top of me. It was amazing I couldn’t believe it was all over, I wanted to get back straight in the plane and do it all over again.

 It was the most amazing thrilling thing I have done in my life, and at the same time raised just over £500 for Brain Tumour UK... I LOVE LADIES CIRCLE.

I will defiantly be doing a parachute jump again... It was AMAZING!!! 

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