A club for women
A club for women


Cocktails at Vickys

Well ladies what can i say about this night .....

It most certainly did show us some different cocktails.  The night started with us trying a Kir Royale, which went down very well.  Then it followed on with another 7 other cocktails from shots of B52's where Vicky burnt her eyelashes off

The night continued on and the favourite drink seemed to be the Cosmopolitan but then again with a choice of Long Island Tea, Mohito, Jam donught, Gin Slings and Apple Fizz it was hard to choose.




All in all a great night was had and the alcohol certainly flowed.  It looks like the thinking caps need to go on for what we will do to cap this.  Any ideas welcome :-)

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"