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Lichfield Ladies present cheque to the ERBís Palsy Group

Lichfield Ladies Circle had the pleasure of presenting Sarah Hughes and her son Lewis, a cheque for £500 for their local branch of the ERB’s Palsy Group. ERB’s palsy is a condition which mainly occurs due to trauma during childbirth. It can affect 1 or all of the 5 primary nerves that supply movement and feeling to the arm causing partial or complete paralysis of the limb and although in some cases the babies recover on their own some may require specialist intervention. The ERB’s palsy group was established by Debbie Clark in 1991 and has grown steadily to support over 1600 families throughout the UK. 'Best practice guidelines for NHS professionals involved with the care of these babies have been developed but this money will go a long way towards raising awareness of this condition that is rarely in the public eye' commented Sarah.


Sarah Clark, a member of Lichfield Ladies Circle attended the cheque presentaiton with her daughter Jess, who also suffers from ERB’s Palsy, and proposed that the charity be considered for a donation. Jess and Lewis took the opportunity to discuss how they are coping with the condition day to day and it is clear that neither of them have let it stop them from achieving anything. Lewis is studying engineering and plays both the drums and guitar whilst Jess is heading towards her Duke of Edinburgh Silver award – both fantastic achievements



Pictured Left to right:

Jess Clark, Sarah Clark, Helen McDonald (Lichfield Ladies Circle chair), Susan Davies (LLC past chair), Sarah Hughes, Lewis Hughes

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