A club for women
A club for women


Long Eaton Girls are all a-quiver!

On Tuesday 28th May the Long Eaton Ladies Circle spent a few hours in the rather chilly Nottingham countryside perfecting the local art of archery - what better way to relax after a long day at work than with a group of girl friends shooting away the day's frustrations?
Arriving at Lockwell Hill Activity Centre the Long Eaton Ladies were greeted by Simon, who was quickly to learn that reputation of the LELC is not an exaggeration!  It was probably at this point Simon realised his mistake in taking the LELC booking!!!!
The evening started well for all, except maybe Zoe, who had to get undressed in Simon's cabin as she had finished work late - not a forfeit she needed to get out of her suit!!. After borrowing Angela's clothes and Dawn's shoes, Zoe emerged from the cabin ready to show a target a thing or two (or at least a few arrow heads). However, Zoe's fighting spirit was quickly dampened when Angela pulled out the forfeit hat- a traditional Robin Hood cap!!! 
Jane, resplendent in her gilet and the Robin Hood hat looked the part and could have passed herself off as a true toxophilite (that's a posh word for a devotee to archery, or an archer to you and me!). 
Safety checks and training out of the way, Simon suggested a competition... Well you can guess who was up for that!! Not that Angela is at all competitive, eh girsl?  The challenge set and with Simon acting as adjudicator the competition began.
Theresa was on fire - literally.... she managed to get sparks off her arrow as it flew under the target. 
Jane found out she was a lefty!! and needed a strap-on (say no more!) to protect her arm from the exceptional high velocity of her arrows!!!  So not only was she dressed the part, she could actually back it up with her shooting prowess.
All in all it was a very successful evening- the bank of grass behind the targets got a bit of a pummelling but Simon made it through alive (or he was when we left) and no-one got killed!  Always a bonus!
We don't need to list the results as everyone will know who came first and won the body pampering set- if you haven't met the most competitive lady in the LELC yet you will be able to spot her at the next event from her tiny tiny thighs and bum due to the seaweed wrap she won. That or the fact that she will be going on and on and on about it for ever.  Could you be talking about Angela Richardson by any chance?
After a hard evening's work  a couple of medicinal drinks were in order. As we were on Dawn's patch she had, at long last, managed to get to an event without driving, so she enjoyed letting her hair down and guzzling a couple of glasses of wine. 
The LELC would like to say a big thanks to Simon for such an enjoyable evening's entertainment and recommends Lockwell Hill Activity Centre to the other Circles - maybe we can have an inter- circle challenge next time!!

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"