A club for women
A club for women


Dancing Fun for Independence Day

In way of a celebration of Independence Day, Chippenham and Bath Ladies Circle, joined Footnotes a Chippenham Appalachian Folk Dancing group for an evening of shuffling and tapping.

Appalachian dancing is a form of folk dancing developed in the Appalachian Mountains of North America, where it is still popular today. Generations of settlers from all over Europe took their traditional dance steps and music with them to the New World, where they were blended together with rhythms of African slaves and the dance steps of native Indians - Cherokee this time! Eventually a new dance style, "Appalachian" dancing emerged.

Fiona from Footnotes warmly welcomed Sarah, Tina, Lorna and Kate, and taught them a basic dance, including the steps- basic, alamo, chugs, calypso, cowboys and Indians!  With live fiddle playing to accompany their new moves the girls had a great time. A drink in the beer garden provided much needed refreshment and a gossip!

Thanks to Footnotes for being so welcoming!

Members of Ladies Circle Demonstrating the 'Indian' Step

Footnotes demonstrate some Appalacian Dancing.

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