A club for women
A club for women


June is bustin’ out all over

We have started the new circle year with a bang, well that’s the noise some of the bowling balls made going down the alley. Six brave circlers ventured into Birmingham (Rubery to be honest) to have a game of bowling followed by a meal at the Brewers Fayre.  There was a mix of talent among us ranging from bad to awful, but we all gave it a go and the glass of wine at the end was worth the wait.

Moving into June we organised a walk on Clent Hills followed by a meal at the Fountain. The evening was certainly split in two with five of us venturing up the hill for an hour walk before the meal and the rest just heading straight for the pub.  The divide could be seen on the table with the slightly sweaty and muddy ladies in walking boots being hid in the corner and the more glamorous ladies in heals taking pride of place. In my opinion, the glamorous ladies don’t know what they missed as the views were glorious and it makes you feel a bit smug to know you have worked off the chips you are about to eat.

The evening was a real highlight for me as not only did I induct my first new member, Sarah, as chair but I got to induct a second, Sally, that very same evening. The first was done on top of the hill while the second was in the comfort of the pub, two different inductions but both ladies are equally welcome.

June’s second event also came with a new member induction. Emma joined Stourbridge and District at Salmon and Strawberries which is our annual joint event with Tangent.

Teresa did a wonderful job hosting the event and the circle ladies certainly put on a good spread. There was plenty of salmon and wine consumed and everyone had a great time. The evening was made all the better as we managed to raise £35 for my charity, toys for the children’s ward at Russell Hall Hospital, and £35 for the chair of Tangents charity.

A great start to the year with 3 new members and a total of £55 for my charity so far. What will July bring . . .

Karen Parsons

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"