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A club for women


Carnival Fun in the Sun

My first big charity event for the year was a stall at Stourbridge Carnival. Stourbridge and District Ladies Circle have a stall at the carnival every year and it is up to the Chair to come up with a new idea to make some money. The stall is a great opportunity to show all the ladies of Stourbridge who we are and what we do.













 I chose to do face painting and hair streaking. I had practised some designs on family members and come up with 4 fairly easy designs to do, hello kitty, ladybird, spiderman and a tiger. The other ladies that helped had not had the opportunity to practice but everyone did a great job!

Four of us turned up on Stourbridge high street at 8.45 on a sunny Sunday morning to set up. Once the gazebo and signs were up we were ready to go armed with face paints, wipes and hair colour spray. The day was slow to start but once it got going it didn’t stop! Rachel did a fantastic job of getting the children in and lining them up whilst Jess, Sarah and I tried to keep on top of the demand. We realised quite early that we had forgotten a mirror to show the children the results so Emma kindly went off in search of one.  We managed to raise £110.60 and at £1 per face painted

Karen Parsons

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"