A club for women
A club for women


Bath and Chippenham take on Appalachian dancing

To celebrate July 4th Independence Day, the ladies of Chippenham and Bath thought they would try a North Amercian dance called Appalachian dancing. As we arrived at the barn in Chippenham on a suuny July evening to be greeted with the dance troup - Footsteps they  showed us one of the routines and made it look very easy.

This is when we thought to yourselves what have we let ourself in for, could we no just watch them all night. Afraid not, the leader of Footseps gave us a crash course in the dance and well we looked like penguins with 2 left feet.

After getting very confused, hot and sweaty in the barn we decided to let Footsteps get on with what they did best and we headed for the pub next door for a well deserved cold drink.

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