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A club for women


Remember Remember the 5th of November

Guy building for Christian Malford Bonfire and Fireworks November 2013

Chippenham Ladies Circle got into the spirit of bonfire night, by building a guy for the Christian Malford Bonfire and Fireworks in 2013.  Armed with old tights, dresses and plenty of newspaper, Tina, Tracy and Kate created a 'guy' one evening.  But this was no ordinary guy- it turned out to be the latest recruit to the circle Juanita from Bolivia!! 

On a wet and windy evening, the Circle headed to Christian Malford, arm in arm with Juanita, hopeful of winning the Guy competition. Wrapped up and taking shelter in the beer tent, the Circlers awaited the result and the lighting of the enormous bonfire.  Sadly for Juanita and the girls their dreams of glory were short lived, as the winner was a more traditional looking guy.  Despite this, Juanita looked fab sat right on top of the bonfire, and as the flames licked around her the ladies looked on proudly!

Once the giant bonfire had died down, it was time for the fireworks and they didn't disappoint, a great display followed by some enormous fireball explosions (all part of the display).  With cheers ringing in their ears, the ladies headed home to warm up, and start planning their guy for next year!

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"