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Thumbs up from Lichfield Talking Newspaper

Talking Newspapers

Lichfield Ladies Circle got the thumbs up from Lichfield Talking newspaper recently when they presented the organisation with a much needed fundraising cheque.  John May, founder member of Lichfield Talking newspapers over 30 years ago said “the funds have come at a critical time for us as we were down to our last £33”

Talking newspaper aims to provide the best possible news and entertainment service to the blind and visually impaired in and around Lichfield and South Staffordshire.

Talking newspapers provide the service, totally free of any charge, to anyone registered blind or visually impaired, regardless of where they live. They will also provide this service to anyone who has difficulty reading for whatever reason.

Another exciting phase of their development is to provide a service for blind children.   They aim to put the school curriculum on to memory sticks for all blind children in the area to be able to access.  The cost would be around £50 per child and what an investment that would be.

As many blind children also have other more crippling disabilities they would be unable to control the ‘boombox’ equipment to access the information.  With this in mind work has been done to create a new set of controls. A box with very large buttons is strapped to the arm of a wheelchair which the child can then control with just a nudge. The first working model is now being test driven at Saxon Hill School, before the service is rolled out to many children across the area.

If you know someone who would enjoy receiving the Talking News Or if you are interested in what they do, or even want to get involved please get in touch with (soon to be MBE) John May at info@lichfieldtalkingnews.co.uk  Tel: 01543 417724 or 07948 794982

Lichfield Ladies Circle were proud to support the invaluable work being done by the team at Lichfield Talking Newspaper.  If anyone is interested in joining Lichfield Ladies Circle in order to fundraise and put something back into our community please visit www.lichfieldladiescircle.co.uk.

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"