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A club for women


Whizzing Down The Slopes with Dereham Circle

It snowed during the week leading up to our first social evening in March... perfect weather conditions!

The ski slopes and snowboarding looked tempting but Dereham and District Ladies Circle were booked in and ready to go Tubing at the Norfolk Snowsports Club in Norwich.

There was a slight feeling of trepidation between us as we donned our protective headgear, put on our gloves, collected our rubber rings and headed for the slopes!

Having convinced the instructor that we’d paid attention to the safety briefing, the first challenge was to stay upright and keep our balance on the travelator -  especially difficult as we went higher and the incline headed almost at a right angle!

Then there was a quick shuffle sideways across the slope, the not most lady-like sit down into the rubber ring... but then away we went! Pushed, spun, hurtling down the slope heading for the triangular blocks to break the speed of our landing... Whoosh! What a rush... our screams and laughter echoed around the suburbs of Norwich :)

We dared to tube down the slope on our own, in pairs, all together holding on to each other’s handles – frontwards, backwards, spinning around... it was exhilarating to say the least. And we even managed a circle all linked together (very apt!)

And when our session was finished it was upstairs for drinks and a chat, to watch others come down the slopes and to talk about plans for our next upcoming charity and social events.

We managed to capture a couple of us whizzing down:

If you are interested in trying something new and looking for some fun social evenings, please contact us at ladiescircle58@gmail.com to find out more.

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"