A club for women
A club for women


You're never a stranger in a foreign land when you're in Ladies' Circle!

Recently I went to my first LCI Conference in Hamburg. I’ve been a Circler for 4 years and didn’t really know what to expect although other girls had come back and said how fabulous it was. They weren’t wrong; I had a wonderful time and met some amazing women.

My job takes me away from home sometimes, and there’s lots of time spent in hotel rooms working or just getting a little bored. So on my most recent trip I thought why not see if there were any Circlers in the local area. 
Well there were! I got in touch with Anne-Karin Nokland Berge as I’d met her in Hamburg and she was straight on the case, emailing all circlers in Oslo where I would be in 4 days’ time. I had to admit that I didn’t hold much hope as I’d given so little notice.  I was VERY wrong, not only did I get two evenings offered to me, but the ladies of Oslo responded so fast.Anne and Alex outside prison
So during my business trip to Norway recently, I have visited a prison in Oslo, an actual working prison! We were given an overview of the prison and its 400 prisoners; the range of reasons why they were there and the different levels.  We then took a tour of the facility, including the solitary confinement and the ‘foreigners’ wing, which thankfully as I was on best behaviour I was allowed to leave :o).  Of course my Norwegian is not very good but there were plenty of willing and able ladies to help me out.
I don’t think there is any other organisation in the world for young women where you can call up people you hardly know, be cared for and share an experience with, other than Ladies’ Circle. I definitely can’t imagine I’d ever have got to visit a prison in Oslo.  A huge thank you to the girls of Oslo Ladies’ Circle for your welcome and hospitality.
I will definitely be seeking out a Circle on my travels again and would certainly recommend others give it a try too.
Alex Bennett, Blackburn Circle 318, Area 35 Chairman

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"Ladies Circle introduces you the friends you may not have been lucky enought to find in everyday circumstances. I am very thankful"