Arcade Challenge in Clacton, Essex.

Living by the sea is great and one of the things our Circle likes to do is play in the amusement arcades like we are children. Some ladies love the 2p machines, others opted for bingo and a driving game. The budget is £10, we can play any machine or game but the its the one with the most tickets by the time the £10 is spent, that wins. We see the competitiveness in our members but we have so much fun together, especially as we have had a couple of new ladies come and join us recently. They are new to Clacton and were looking to make new friends and this is what Ladies Circle is all about, meeting new people and trying new activities. We cant wait till the weather is better and we can get back onto the beach for another of our favourite activities - A sandcastle competition!

Come and see what Circle is all about…

Mar 9,2022 Ginette May Clacton